Friday, May 6, 2011

[Album Review] Kidd Kidd - The Reallionaire

For those who are not familiar with Kidd Kidd, he actually has a guest appearance on Lil Wayne's 'Mrs. Officer' (Album Version) and was thought to have his album release under the Young Money label. Instead he was signed to Sha Money XL's 'Dream Big Ventures' and is now the label's second release (first being Stat Quo's 'Statlanta'). So does 'The Reallionaire' prove to be a success story for Kidd Kidd.

First and foremost, with album's now a days being so heavy on features it's nice to see one that is the complete opposite of that. The album's beginning track, 'Self Confident', is exactly what the title says, with the simple hook being "I am so sure" (sounds better coming from him). Much like other tracks on the album, the production could be fun for your speaker system, but in terms of content, it's nothing special.

The next couple of tracks follow the same formula; hard beats mixed with simple content. 'N.O. Swag' was my least favorite of the beginning half of this album. I understand the concept of these hooks and the purpose but once a huge chunk of songs follow the same formula, it gets old to me (I do like it more then 'Pretty Boy Swag' though. Maybe that was its purpose).

'Crack Rock' stands out probably due to the subject matter of the track. Kidd talks about the benefits that selling crack brought to him and others (the money). I personally found that enjoyable because he sticks with focusing on a street orientated album. It stands out as a high point of the album. 'Neva Stop' is also another solid track.

It's obvious that the album does have its downfalls. 'Faithful' is pointless. Just another auto-tuned hook with content that brings nothing new and exciting to the table. I understand that there are many tempting hoes out there Kidd but find a more unique way of putting it into song. The same can pretty much be said about 'Free 99'.

The last four tracks are where it's at. On 'Voices', Kidd Kidd talks about the different voices speaking to him telling him to make good/bad decisions. 'Money, Gunz And Weed' is a chill track, and you almost expect to hear Snoop or Khalifa throughout the song (maybe next time). Going platinum is every artist's (let alone rappers) dream, so Kidd does a good job delivering that message in 'Platinum'. 'From Here' is a must listen, and is dedicated to his home New Orleans.

Certainly not a milestone for 'Dream Big Ventures', Kidd still delivers a decent album deserving at least a listen. I hope this isn't the last we hear from him, because I would like to see how he can evolve within his music. When Kidd Kidd talks street, he proves to shine but the album's high points may not be enough to keep you listening.

Final Rating: 6.5 Passable

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