Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Album Review] MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1

Nowadays it seems that major labels are picky when green lighting a posse album seeing how solo projects aren't selling crazy numbers anymore. Rick Ross has proved with a list of successful albums that he has something more to bring to the table. Which brings us to the release of his Maybach Music Group compilation 'Self Made Vol. 1'.

Now we all know Rick Ross, but does the rest of the group carry their own when standing up beside the teflon don? Ross avoided being featured on every track to shed some of the spotlight on the rest of the group. Without sounding too judgemental, this album is not enough to imprint the names of both Pill & Meek Mill in the minds of fans (everyone should be familiar with Wale). These guys are good but are often shadowed by Ross, causing them to develop a similar flow on most of the tracks. Fans of Wale's previous album may actually be disappointed with his performance on this album.

The production on the album holds no surprises. You could listen to a single like 'Tupac Back' and guess what the rest of the album will sound like. If a track wasn't produced by Lex Luger or The Inkredibles, the producer was trying to capture that same sound. That may not be a problem for those obsessed with that speaker smashing sound but for fans looking for more substance probably wont be finding it on this album.

However, one of the stand out tracks on the album does not share the same sound as the rest. 'Rise' featuring CyHi Da Prynce & Curren$y, has a real calm and relaxed feel to it. The album's low points are nothing that should stop you from enjoying the music but you may be turned off from the similarity throughout the project (after listening to 'Ima Boss' you might get sick of the phrase).

'Self Made' deserves a listen or two despite the fact that it may have served better as a mixtape (then again, the majors are even selling mixtapes). It's not the best posse album but is certainly better then Wayne's 'We Are Young Money'. For fans of Rick Ross, this album will be more then enough to keep you waiting for the boss' new album.

Final Rating: 6.5/10 Decent

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