Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Album Review] Pitbull - Planet Pit

Planet Pit

Just in the past year it is safe to say that Pitbull=#1 hit. With huge collaborations with Usher, Flo Rider, and more recently J Lo's "On The Floor", the Miami hit-maker has proven himself the title "Mr. Worldwide". But even with that being said, does his 6th studio album deliver memorable content rather than a mere summertime buzz?

It's hard to base this review on Pitbull's lyrical ability when you know that a majority of his listeners aren't even paying attention to it. They want that same formula found on the radio to become the soundtrack to their party nights. Even with that in mind it's hard to not think about his simple, and sometimes very corny rhymes (I'll get into some examples further down).

The album starts off with the properly titled "Mr. Worldwide (Intro)", which pretty much summarizes his intentions with this album. Pitbull's rise to worldwide hit maker is the basic theme to this album. The summer hits is what he sticks with because it has proven to make him the hit-maker he is today. Given the overall sound of the album, the intro serves it's purpose as an introduction to 'Mr. 305'.

"Give Me Everything" is what it is. Ne-Yo delivers a hook that boosts the track up, and Pitbull's verses are exactly what you would expect from him. "Rain Over Me" features Marc Anthony singing a hook that will more the likely stick in the minds of sexy latinas all around. Now let's see how many people actually get the meaning behind this song....yeahhh thought so.

"Mama you the internet, and I'm looking for the download."This can pretty much summarize Pitbulls lyrical ability as he continues to struggle delivering memorable punch lines. But again it comes down to the fact that maybe that's not what people want to listen to. The production and party tracks are where it's at and the corny lyrics are just there to fill in the empty space. I'm not sure where I stand but as a lover of the genre it's hard not to think about the delivery of lyrics in a song.

On the production side, "Castle Made Of Sand" is almost an exact copy of Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie", which made it that much easier to skip the track. When a rapper wants to talk about struggle they need to keep it consistent. I'm sorry Mr. Pitbull but your not going to convince me of your struggle with a track surrounded by party anthems. You just seem like you're trying to service an audience that isn't listening.

"If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands". Yes that is in fact one of his hooks found on "Something For The DJs" the albums closing track (unless you got the deluxe edition....oh yay). The formula is right, Pitbull charm, Guetta production, but the childish hook just leaves this track to be tossed away ("How much wood could a wood..." sigh).

Seeing how there is a long list of guest features, this album almost seems more of a compilation CD that just happens to feature Pitbull. The tracks found on this album just inspire more sexy one night stands, which is coincidently what this album could be considered (just a one time listen). We've seen Pitbull's transition up to this point and expect to see future albums follow this same formula. Is this a summertime hit album in terms of getting people to party? Yes. But does it serve Pitbull's credibility as an established artist? Well that all depends on whether or not this is your cup of tea (wouldn't like to offend anybody).

Final Rating: 4/10

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