Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[Album Review] Tech N9ne - All 6's & 7's

Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's

"In a state of confusion and disarray." This is what Tech said was the meaning behind "All 6's And 7's". It's no secret Tech N9ne has an amazing lyrical ability and is probably one of the biggest underrated independent rappers today. This is his 12th studio album, so Tech knows a little something about hard work especially when it comes to the music that he pays homage to. With that being said this could possibly be the "breakout" album for Tech and Strange Music.

The guest list on the album is long and holds a variety of different styles and flows, which makes it great. Tech makes the features work and it allows him to play with a variety of topics/flows. There are plenty of features that may not even be known to the public, but at the same time household names like Lil Wayne, B.o.B., T-Pain, and more make an appearance. 'Worldwide Choppers' is like being knocked out a crazy amount of times as the various features rip into the track and all keep up with each other.

Don't be fooled by the long track list (24 tracks, if you didn't purchase a deluxe edition). There aren't exactly any 'filler' tracks, the album flows and works together as a complete package. Tech makes it known that he is on his way up the ladder. "Strangeland" features rhymes and even snippets of moments that express how he's on his way up (interviews, awards, etc).

Even on tracks that don't feel fit with the rest of the album somehow work because of his ability to switch the flow up. "Overtime" threw me off guard because of what I had heard up until that point. But given the fact that a female skit and "Fuck Food" came before it made it work because listeners are ready for it. Which then moves us into a track like "Pornographic". Don't take it as an attempt to fill the album with more commercial material. Even those tracks remain explicit and raunchy (with much help from Snoop & E-40).

To break down each track, could take forever. With that being said, this could be the album to bump Tech up to a new level. Some could say it is because the features who have been attached to the project, but we all could agree that his lyrical ability is not to be slept on. "All 6's And 7's" is a solid effort from one of hip hop's most underrated artists.

Final Rating: 8.5/10 Great

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