Thursday, March 17, 2011

[Album Review] Travis Barker - Give The Drummer Some

Travis Barker was mainly known for his part in Blink 182. That may not be the case anymore. Barker's latest proves that he has a spot in the rap community. The album features many of today's top hip hop hitters rapping over Barker's drumming.

When it was announced that Travis Barker would be putting out a hip hop album, many were skeptic. Many of his rock fans actually judged and voice out with disappointment. Whatever the case may be, the album is finally out and we can say that it for lack of better terms, f****** rocks!

The opening track "Can A Drummer Get Some", features Swiss Beatz (giving his style of a hook), The Game, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross. All the rappers work but Game & Wayne have flows that really compliment the beat. "If You Want To" isn't too bad but is more of a filler track which brings us to another solid track.

"Carry It" features two of Wu-Tangs better known, Raekwon & RZA. The track may be a favorite for most listeners especially with the guitar work of Tom Morello. "Knockin" continues to bring more rappers together as Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, & E-40 bring their typical game to the track with Dev on the hook.

"Jump Down" is another filler that may not stand out to most. Slaughterhouse even contributes to the album with another good track, "Devil's Got A Hold On Me". "Let's Go" is another one of the better tracks with Yelawolf, Twista & Busta Rhymes rhyming to speeds that most can't keep up with. That and you got Lil Jon bringing more energy with his trademark voice. I can see what "Saturday Night" is trying to do but the track doesn't fit with the album seeing the tracks that come before it and even proceed it.

"Cool Head" is another so so on the album. Kid Cudi doesn't bring the content we love to hear from him and the track feels misplace. "Raw Shit" & "Just chill" both feature Bun B delivering a solid listen. "Just Chill" stands out as another solid track, perhaps the best on the album, and still matches up great rappers together.

Fans of Cypress Hill may be pleased with listening to "Beat Goes On". " On My Own" & "Misfits" (the last track on the album) are another two tracks that don't fit what the album has established by this point. The drumming is still solid but the content is different. "Don't Fuck With Me" brings back Paul Wall & Kurupt and features Jay Rock in a decent track. "City Of Dreams" should have been the last track. The Clipse  are assisted with another good Kobe hook.

The production and drumming stays hard throughout the project. This album isn't a classic but considering there are many DJs/producer's who fall flat from using the talent the hip hop community has to offer, it is interesting to see a "rocker" show us good taste in rap music.

Final Rating: 7.5/10 Good

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