Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Album Review] Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers

Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers

After a bidding war between various labels, Wiz Khalifa releases his first major label release, 'Rolling Papers', under Atlantic Records. Leading to the albums release there is no doubt that a great deal of hype has been built around the project. After the praise he received for his 2010 mixtape, 'Kush & Orange Juice', and the great success of 'Black And Yellow', could Wiz deliver with his third studio album?

The album definitely fits its theme with 'get high' music that will most likely be featured at parties and "sessions". What I particularly enjoyed was the 'underdog' feeling this album had. The first track, 'When I'm Gone' tells that the money wont be there after life so he's going to blow it all. The track is a good start to the album and will more than likely satisfy fans.

'On My Level' is a highlight on the album that doesn't sound like a lot of the more calm tracks, which is good (unfortunately there's not much more like this). 'Black And Yellow' is still a great track and rather then allowing that to stand out as the single and feature more tracks like the ones found on 'Kush & Orange Juice', the project tries to recreate the succes of 'Black And Yellow' on other tracks much like "Roll Up' does.

The music serves to its major topics, weed & women (possible album title?). Tracks like 'Top Floor' & 'Fly Solo' are perfect examples of this and maybe were a little too much. In the end, most of those tracks will be looked at as simple album fillers. Still, with the music coming out lately this will definitely please enough to possibly give him a strong first week.

A few of the tracks seem similar, given that the theme is pretty much stay in and get high all day. 'Wake Up' is exactly that. Now this isn't to seem negative to Wiz, there are many people out there who can relate and will listen to this track (and the album) for a while.

Tracks like 'Rooftops' give hardcore fans what they want. Wiz is for sure talented and he's not going to be gone after this project. When he delivers underdog tracks, he comes out with better than good flows and rhymes. 'Cameras' sort of does both, relives his underdog status as well as try to deliver a song for the radio. Again, not to sound negative but fans of his 2010 mixtape may not be too pleased.

Now did this album live up to the hype surrounding it? Yes and no. He gave us some of the music we expected but the lyrics and content weren't all there. Many of the tracks feel like tracks the label had hoped to hit billboard charts (that's what singles are for). Once fans purchase the album, they'll hope for an entire experience but this album may not give that to you. Still, the album is good.

Final Rating: 7.5/10 Good

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